Expertise is about maintaining flexibility. If you focus too much on the details, you miss the big picture. If you focus too much on the big picture, you fail to notice the details that compose it.

With flexibility, you see the same topic with different perspectives.

Life Lesson by GoT

Game of thrones finale taught me one thing today.

Being the ‘chosen one’ doesn’t make you the ‘right one’,it just makes you the ‘convenient one’.

Convenient answers are the simplest,but not in the least bit enough to understand and unravel the complexity of the world.

Daenerys Targaryen could walk through fire unharmed and was the mother of three dragons.There’s your chosen one.But that didn’t give her the right to kill innocent people.She could use fear to rule for years to come but it would have been a convenient way to keep together the seven kingdoms,not the best or the right way.


There are two ways to make change possible – in both cases you need to become ‘big’ relative to the task.

Either you grow your knowledge and skill – become an expert at doing something.

Or you shrink the challenge – you divide your goal into smaller individual attainable actions.

Either way,you become more daunting than the task itself.Do not fear the task.Let the task dread you and follow your way instead.

Once you become capable or believe that you have become capable – your chances of succeeding increase significantly.


Failure is not a bad thing.Failure makes you hungry.Failure motivates you to achieve high goals by breaking the barriers of highest records.That’s how new records are made right? You won’t work towards something unless driven by motivation.And the more you are beat down,the more motivated you need to become in order to achieve your dream.This can backfire though.Experiencing downfall over and over again can crush one’s willpower.They may not want to get up again because suffering feels more easier than trying.It feels easier to let go than to go on.But you need to remember that you hold the trigger.Whether your attempts fire ahead towards the goal or backfire on you – depends on you.You invented the weapon i.e. your plan.You need to find the right way to execute it.Trial and error will bring either of the two options – either failure or success.Just because you are facing failure over and over doesn’t mean you are taking a step back.In fact,every time you try a new approach you increase your chances of success.The more you try,the more miniscule your failure becomes,bringing you closer to your goal.It’s simple math logically.But a harsh reality.And that is the making of a beautiful future.