Don't blame anyone. True change cannot be accomplished by labeling people, but only by removing those labels through effort. Pain,shame and isolation are effective ways to bring crude change.For true change,change should come from within.


There's a big difference between 'only representation' and 'valid representation'.We see a diversity of people from different country,race,caste,religion,color,gender,class and so on doing a variety jobs nowadays without any restriction and discrimination.But they are getting representation not recognition under the pretext that it is to promote diversity in job culture rather than help them show off …


There's a tradeoff between acknowledging new ideas and sharing new ideas.Both cannot exist without each other.Our democracy wouldn't exist without them.If you can't be tolerant to other people's ideas,you cannot share your idea freely.You don't have to accept everything,just learn to respect everyone's freedom and opinion.Their experience of life has been very different from yours.They …


We eat the way we like.We drink the way we like.We sleep the way we like.But sometimes,our idea of satisfaction does not coincide with that of others.If etiquette gets in the way of what we find fulfilling,then maybe it's not worth the hype. Making others follow a random rule is much more easier than making …


Examination should be about learning from your mistakes and improving upon them. It shouldn't be a factor on basis of which people judge you. Neither they about know your circumstances nor they can imagine what you've been through.


Everyone is unique with respect to their personality,privileges & experience.No matter how hard you try,how long you live or how much you think you can achieve,you will always be short on something.There's only one way to fill that space - with people.Keep making new connections,you'll never feel empty.