Don’t blame anyone.

True change cannot be accomplished by labeling people, but only by removing those labels through effort.

Pain,shame and isolation are effective ways to bring crude change.For true change,change should come from within.


There’s a big difference between ‘only representation’ and ‘valid representation’.We see a diversity of people from different country,race,caste,religion,color,gender,class and so on doing a variety jobs nowadays without any restriction and discrimination.But they are getting representation not recognition under the pretext that it is to promote diversity in job culture rather than help them show off their skills.This implicit form of discrimination is difficult to criticize because it is difficult to recognize.In early days we had more of an explicit form of discrimination which was easy for everyone to see and criticize.This hidden discrimination is a potential form of overt discrimination.We need to stop it while we can or we will be back to the square one.


There’s a tradeoff between acknowledging new ideas and sharing new ideas.Both cannot exist without each other.Our democracy wouldn’t exist without them.If you can’t be tolerant to other people’s ideas,you cannot share your idea freely.You don’t have to accept everything,just learn to respect everyone’s freedom and opinion.Their experience of life has been very different from yours.They weren’t born with an ideology,they chose it along the way due to the circumstances.If their view has a tendency to harm others,then change their circumstances.Trying to change their belief will only lead to resistance.You have to remove corruption from its roots.Because shorenting a plant will only drive it grow further and further for survival.


We eat the way we like.We drink the way we like.We sleep the way we like.But sometimes,our idea of satisfaction does not coincide with that of others.If etiquette gets in the way of what we find fulfilling,then maybe it’s not worth the hype.

Making others follow a random rule is much more easier than making them follow a random person.Etiquette is build to bring similarity and cohesiveness in a group because we sometimes don’t know how to act at some point in time.And having a set of rules to follow does ease the way,but it is at the cost of our own individuality.

Instead of adapting to the rules of some long-gone person which we don’t even remember (or know for the fact if we got their name right),why don’t we just adapt to the ways of each other and break the cycle of discrimination? The purpose of using a chopstick is same as using knife & fork which is same as using a spoon and which is same as using hands.Hence,the only way to break through the cycle discrimination is to at least accept the differences even if you don’t want to adopt them.


Examination should be about learning from your mistakes and improving upon them.

It shouldn’t be a factor on basis of which people judge you.

Neither they about know your circumstances nor they can imagine what you’ve been through.