I have learned more from my mistakes and that of the others than any other sources of learning and teaching.Doing something the wrong way sometimes sets us on the right way.When we understand what is bad and harmful,we pick out and implement what is good and virtuous.That’s why our evil past and deeds shouldn’t be hidden.They should serve as a reminder of our atrocities and downfalls to teach the future the value of peace and freedom they hold.To teach them greed and divisions will just harm oneself and we should all strive for unity and love.Acceptance is the key not ignorance.Because ignorance of both the good and bad has its own dire consequences.It is only sensible to teach the future generations about our mistakes so that they don’t go through what we have gone through again.Allow them to learn,make their own mistakes,learn again and pass on all the combined knowledge and experience to repeat the cycle.Our failure today will set the path to success tomorrow.


Education provides both academic and emotional growth.Academics is something that a person may or may not put to use in their lifetime.Whereas emotion is a curative feeling that tends to remain in the hearts and minds of people now and forever.


When you correct someone (regardless of who they are),you not only make them aware of their mistakes,but you also make those around you aware of what is right.

Even if you know that the person is resistant to change,and correcting them won’t budge them,the least you can do is prevent others from falling into the same trap by daring to say what is right.

Don’t be hesitant to redirect someone.If you don’t,then that person and those around you will accept the flaws of people as laws of life.A better society is created only when someone takes the initiative to bring change.