Having talent or not is equivalent to having or not having privileges. Everyone's born with a certain level of capacity and facility. The privileged (both in talent and resources) have an edge or headstart to what comes ahead in life. The talent and resources not put to use will perish away. The under previleged are …


The world is unfair. It serves as a reminder that nothing is perfect. Everything requires effort to reach perfection. And perfection only comes through change. If we are not willing to change, we will not rise to become better people.


Human is the only animal who craves more than needed.Greed and jealousy has advanced us in all aspects of life; but it has also taken away the value of and respect for moderation from us at the expense of enmity and hatred within the species.


We all gamble at some point in our lives.Some of us relish the prizes won,and some of us regret the choices lost.And every conscious being has a tendency to avoid risk that comes at a great cost.So much so that evolution has fixated in us certain reflexes to unconsciously avoid hurtful things. Ironically,today some of …


Democracy or Autocracy.Which one works? Both. Then why are we not good at either of them?Where is the flaw? It's within us! Because they are just systems that need the right personnel.And we are nowhere near being the right personnel. What we need is a modification of human nature,not the system itself.Because every system has …