Live a better life at every moment

The reason we are afraid to implement outstanding ideas: the world has programmed us to be followers rather than innovators. The tendency of most people is to play safe and live a peaceful life. But the safe and peaceful lives we live, originally came out of revolutions of the past. Either be satisfied with what …


There's no end to our needs. Hence the innovation. But for innovation to take place, we need to accept our current state. Unless we do that we won't realise the need for change. Acceptance of present is necessary to move into future.

Power and Responsibility

When you are in a position of power, it is your responsibility rather than obligation to help others. It doesn't mean you are forced to help each person in every way, but because you have the power to bring change, to create a positive ripple effect, it shouldn't remain underutilised.


The next generation will always surpass the previous generation (isn't that the point of evolution)? But how much better they become than us depends on us.A tiny fraction or a vast mile.Place yourself in their shoes and ask yourself "Do I wish that my previous generation worked hard more or put in more energy to …