Don't judge your work based on what others think. Judge your work on the basis of what you think. The others did not invest their time and effort, but you did. If you feel what you have done is meaningful, you have definitely scored a point.

Power and Responsibility

When you are in a position of power, it is your responsibility rather than obligation to help others. It doesn't mean you are forced to help each person in every way, but because you have the power to bring change, to create a positive ripple effect, it shouldn't remain underutilised.


Don't criticise people.Correct them. It's so easy to complain than to fix what is causing the complaint. Don't just ignore and walk away.If you feel something isn't right,try to bring a small change at least.Cascade of big changes will come along with you just taking the first small step.


Everything happens for a reason.This idea takes away your sense of purpose.It takes away the blame on you.It takes away the fruit of your effort.Because it implies that someone does everything for all so you don't need to do anything for you at all.