Changing oneself is easier than changing the world. Why? Because the resistance faced to change oneself is lesser than resistance faced to change the world. Higher number of people leads to higher complexity of change because you need to accommodate everyone's interests and wishes. By changing yourself you dilute the force needed to make a …


Making realistic choices is better than making perfect choices because it accounts for unwillingness and failure. Perfect choice never gives you result because it is just so tough to follow through. Realistic choices bring change by walking on the path of least resistance. You walk more freely and slowly,but every step you take is forward …


Those who complain don't bring change. Those who bring change address those complaints. No matter how noble of a choice you make,you will always face some resistance from others. Pay attention to critique to improve your choices and not to demotivate yourself.


Real win is when you can resist your distraction. Can only resist something when you get used to it. Don't fight it.Don't waste your energy.Let your distraction burn out instead of you. Just acknowledge your distraction and say 'Only I will win!'