How stress works: you are like a child in the room.You use some stuff then you don’t.Or you repeatedly keep using the same stuff and don’t use the other things at all.You keep your stuff back in place or maybe you don’t.The more disorganized your room becomes,the more difficult your life gets when trying to do something in particular or something of significance.

In the same way the mind is made up of facts,beliefs and experiences.If you don’t keep them in place or scatter them around,the more blurry your cognition gets.And when you actually want something,you panic and go haywire.The only way to get rid of the mess is to start correction at the source.The key is to either fix the child (you) or fix the room (your mind).So either you change yourself to become more organized or you organize the room while staying true to who you are.Either adapt to the surroundings or construct your surroundings in such a way that they adapt to your ways.Either accept the change you make in you or accept the circumstances as they are.


We all start off at the same point.We all end up at the same point.The only difference between you and me or any individual is how many and how big speed bumps you got.

Everyone of us in a race,and in a race we try to run as fast as we can to win the game.But there are moments in life when it is better to slow down unless you want to hit and crash.

When you have many problems in your life you just have to keep jumping and dodging or breaking and destroying them.When you have serious problems in your life you just have to climb up high,get to the peak and make your problems look small,less intimidating.

There are times when you will get tired or you will feel you’re about to lose your grip and fall.Maybe you have already given up and are waiting to hit the landing any moment now.It is sensible to lose hope when you lose the track or lose the sight of the goal and just give up in the end.

No matter how strong you get,you’ll always have a breaking point and there is no escaping that.It doesn’t mean that you were always weak,it could mean that you’ve been fighting for so long now that you need a long-term break.

You cannot do everything by yourself.You will need someone at some point,maybe every other point in life.A relative or a friend or an acquaintance or a complete stranger.Just their presence can flood you with courage to fight on,to live on,to make world a better place and most importantly,help those just like you when they need it the most.



We all have a view that we want to put into practice but can’t because a stereotype strolls within us.

Only way to adopt any view is to be befriend that view through conditioning or by building an association with it through focus and practice.

Create new memories and rewrite them over the old ones.Don’t change your views but evolve your thoughts.



Our brain is a magician.It has a lot of tricks up its sleeve to make us do things we otherwise won’t do or might do wrong.As we are delving deep into the brain with more research into revealing these tricks,the more we’re understanding how vulnerable we are.

For instance,research states that a small size plate tricks us into eating less and also makes us feel as full as we would feel by eating from a larger plate.Now that the trick has been revealed,the deception won’t affect you and me.In fact,it might counterwork because now we know about this deception,we won’t fall for it and we will go on a dining spree like forever (if you got the money).So,the brain hacks us and with our deeper understanding of the brain we are counter-hacking it.

It’s a good thing to become self-aware through self-study,but we need to get a grip on ourselves at the same time.These secrets are need to be used,not to be discovered and taken for granted.These are needed to be found and implemented consciously to understand ourselves even better.


Either talking to a stranger to explain a concept or talking to a therapist to solve a problem – we break down our issue into organized elements to make others comprehend it and along the way make ourselves understand it even better.

The advantage of going to a therapist over anyone else is that your information remains confidential and when you make a monetary commitment to an activity,you tend to do it more seriously than if it were free.

Therapist don’t tell you what to do.They just direct you,within you,to find the best of you, who would solve your problem.