Human is the only animal who craves more than needed.Greed and jealousy has advanced us in all aspects of life; but it has also taken away the value of and respect for moderation from us at the expense of enmity and hatred within the species.


Success is your sweet medicine,and failure a bitter one.When you taste the sweet one first,you take the sweetness for granted.But when you taste the bitter one first,then tasting something sweet brings the best feeling ever.Just like when you have stuffed all the kinds of spices inside your mouth and are ready to deal away half of your life to taste some sweet sugar.You can bring the best out of success only after failure.So,if you have failed at some point in your life – have patience – because in the end,you’ll appreciate the taste of life it brings you.


If the other people ask you to listen to their problems,do listen.

It will give them relief to get it all off their chest (and maybe some good advice in return by you 😉).

It will serve as a reminder to you,as to how simpler your life is compared to others and your problems are far more manageable than that of the others.

And lastly,it will help you to learn from the failures of others and be prepared for any problem alike.