Some women just want to be strong and we mistake them for being ‘Tomboy’ or ‘Manly’.

Some men just want to lead a peaceful life and we mistake them for being ‘Weak’ or ‘Girly’.

People can’t mind their own business.They watch others and judge them.And maybe we should let them watch.Make them realize what a free world truly means.

No matter the judgement,a free world must remain a free world.


Do not mistake modesty or humility for shyness.

Someone might not speak up out of respect for the person or circumstance, doesn’t mean they are weak not to speak.

Shy people feel comfortable on their own whereas modest people feel comfort in your comfort rather than their own.

Goal achievement

When you are carrying out a plan and think maybe you’re not going in the right direction; remember the moment you promised yourself why you decided to do this.

Your past self was desperate to achieve the goal,you’re losing motivation even though back then you weren’t.

Don’t look on the side of why I should give up or postpone.

Look at why you need to do this right now.


No one has a perfect beginning.

As you go along the way,you need to perfect the system you live in.

That doesn’t guarantee that you will have perfect ending.

But what it will guarantee is meaningful life.

Contributing to your own existence and that of others during the process of perfection.


You want to achieve a goal? Surround yourself by people who want to achieve similar goals.Energy is contagious.Their wish will flow through you and your wish will flow through them.This transfer of energy is how you will sustain throughout.