Acknowledging differences between people is good.But discriminating is not.Discrimination shows up when we label those differences as superior or inferior.Everyone is different because one person can’t do everything.We fill in for each other where the other cannot.It is about teamwork.How can you discriminate against someone who’s on your team? 

You can’t drag someone down without lowering yourself below them.You can’t kick someone down from above without stopping at your own path of growth.If it’s their loss,then it is also you own.That’s what happens in a team.


Our ancestors weren’t wrong per se.They were just outdated.Whatever conclusions they drew about the world came from their observations and their observations were again dependent on the tools they used.I don’t need to emphasise the difference between a horse and bike to demonstrate the variance.Every new day we update ourselves and each other with new knowledge and experiences.This has been the tradition so far and will carry on for years to come.Whatever answers we think are right,wrong or neutral (even not answered at all) are that way because we haven’t developed the methods and instruments to help us reach the final answer.


I have learned more from my mistakes and that of the others than any other sources of learning and teaching.Doing something the wrong way sometimes sets us on the right way.When we understand what is bad and harmful,we pick out and implement what is good and virtuous.That’s why our evil past and deeds shouldn’t be hidden.They should serve as a reminder of our atrocities and downfalls to teach the future the value of peace and freedom they hold.To teach them greed and divisions will just harm oneself and we should all strive for unity and love.Acceptance is the key not ignorance.Because ignorance of both the good and bad has its own dire consequences.It is only sensible to teach the future generations about our mistakes so that they don’t go through what we have gone through again.Allow them to learn,make their own mistakes,learn again and pass on all the combined knowledge and experience to repeat the cycle.Our failure today will set the path to success tomorrow.


Intellectually we are supposed to feel uncomfortable that’s how we grow.
We are moving towards a culture in which we are comfortable with each others identity and views and don’t really question them.
Is that the way to go? Should we not try to change people’s mind if we think they are wrong? If we think they are different? Or they could be right?
Arguments are necessary for us to evolve.Not verbal abuse.If we you can’t have a rational debate then you are already lost.Raising your voice doesn’t raise your standard or standing.Only the best plausible and sensible ways get you the platform.


Human is the only animal who demands more than needed.Greed has advanced our species in every field till today.But it has also taken away the value of moderation from us at the expense of enmity within our species.


We should strive for repentance,not retribution.

Retribution is just a path among various other paths.Repentance is the final goal that we need to reach.

You will reach your goal only when you take the path of least resistance.And nothing creates more resistance than the will and act of vengeance.It’s a loop that goes on forever with temporary satisfaction,but permanent loss.