You can’t do everything in your lifetime.

But you can accomplish a lot by doing little things every day.

You won’t feel like you have done much in a day, but when you look back you’ll see you have been climbing up all along.


The long-term negative outcome (dramatic changes in the climate) is far away in the future. The individual benefits are occurring right now (such as driving to work alone in one’s own car). Thus making it difficult to see how many costs there really are.

Similarly, short-term costs of a behaviour lead individuals to avoid performing it, and this may prevent the long term benefits that would have occurred if the behaviours had been performed. For instance, cooking at home has short-term time and energy costs, but at least you avoid the long-term monetary and health costs associated with eating outside.

It is easy to assume that you won’t live long enough to witness the end of the world.

It is easy to assume that you live only once, making it acceptable to go all out while you still can.

But is it right to assume and do whatever you want in your time and leave nothing for the future?


Only the society and you can attach meaning to your life.

Society is a place where you have to pay your share to live,so it’s obvious that society will judge.

What about you? How do you define yourself? Is it okay to love yourself even if you do bad things?

When the society outcasts you,what meaning you attach to yourself becomes the only purpose of your life.


Best way to stay happy: never compare yourself to others.Only compare yourself to you.

My past self is a sucker compared to my present self.That makes me happy.

My future self? I don’t know! Never met her! Can’t compare yourself to someone you can’t find.(But I bet the future one’s doing better!)

My Plan

When people look towards you and expect you to follow the norm,don’t look back at them.

Just look towards a future in which you tried to be different from the rest with no regrets.

It won’t guarantee that you’ll win or lose but certainly it will let you experience playing by one’s own rules.It’s your life and you have the biggest stake in it so live it the way you want.