You rest peacefully only when you live life with bursting enthusiasm

It's ALL about the journey, not the goal. It doesn't matter if you set a high or a low goal, what's important is that you cherish the journey leading you towards the goal. Stop fixating on a goal, and start fixing the path you choose in life.

Your choices build your present

The question isn't whether you know something or not. The question isn't whether you made a mistake or not. The question is whether you're willing to learn, willing to grow and be your best possible self. Your life distills down to the choice you're willing to make for yourself, not what you did in the …

Why death is so mystical

Death is a neutral state. For some it is an emergency exit to get away from worries of life, and for others it is a lost chance for creating a happier life. Death is a just a medium. It is not a remedy or punishment. What we make of it, makes all the difference.

Why experimentation is a tool of the living

You are a product of the environment, surrounded by other products of the environment. We have the tendency to come on top of everything, and we do that by interacting with nature around us. Our interactions are not always planned, and certainly not always favourable. We are an experiment of the environment, and to find …