Learning and memory

I feel that to learn something, writing it down is the best way to retain it.

You have limited attention capacity. So to utilise it the best you need to practice small chunk of the task at a time. Just like we eat in bites, not the whole plate at a time because we know our stomach can’t hold so much food.

But just like the eating we begin at the faster rate and end at a slower rate. Learning happens the same way. We start out with enthusiasm but, we can overdo it to the point of mental exhaustion.

Digest or learn in small chunks for better absorption and utilisation. When you just read, you tend to speed through the text. But when you write you take your time with every word.


Having a starting point and a end goal isn’t enough. You need to work on your path, that is, your method.

If ever tried to answer a problem you didn’t keep writing it down the same way. You keep modifying the method with your knowledge and experience to make the best out of it.

Each step is different from the previous and subsequent one. You may turn out to be wrong but that doesn’t mean your end goal was wrong. It’s just that your method was lacking something or had too much of something else.

It’s the race to find the element that is overpowering your confidence in the goal. We fail only when we give up. Trying is good, but persisting is a key. And persisting while learning from your failure just adds to your success.