Everything is an illusion because everything is changing. Nothing is constant.

We get a sense of stability time to time, because we are physically limited to observe the change happening all the time. Whether it be observing electromagnetic radiation out of range of visible spectrum or awareness of a piece of revolutionary literature across the world.

Our minds always look for patterns, to interpret everything to have a meaning. What we understand we assimilate in our theory, what we ignore stays hidden from our sight.

That’s why it’s said that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, because what the one person is throwing away (ignoring) has something that is acknowledged by the other because of the way they interpret information.

You must have noticed it in your daily life. When we don’t need something, say a screwdriver, we’ll forget about its existence, and when we need it, we’ll ransack the house and curse ourselves for not keeping it in the right place.

We can’t pay attention to everything all the time, what we can do is build awareness so that attention can be brought into play when needed.

We tend to limit what we acknowledge because we don’t have luxury of time to assess every object around us.

This teaches us a valuable lesson. If you form opinion about something, let it not become rigid, because overtime you may come to see it as something else entirely. If you haven’t formed an opinion about something, let it float in the back of the mind, so that it can have its own judgement day.

If you try to have the exact same judgment throughout your life, you’ll go insane due to the change happening around you. Adapting is about accomodating change, whether you accept it or not is a question that you’ll have to answer later. But for today just adapt, and leave the judgment for another day.


When we study or prepare for an exam, our mind is set on the destination. That’s a wrong way to learn. When you set a goal, you become too occupied with it, and that keeps you away from fun that learning brings. Do not take the fun out of learn. You can study with fun.


There’s no such thing as magic. Everything in the world has an origin and reason.

Children find everything amusing that adults don’t. Because they have knowledge that wrings out the magic from environment.

Adult approach is not wrong, it’s just more logical and scientific.


We all wish to be born in a perfect world, but never strive to perfect the world we live in. If we can’t even try to make world a better, what makes us think that we deserve a better world in the first place? To be deserving one has to prove their worth.