Ever seen an animal feasting? It will consume food till its belly is full and then walk away leaving the rest to the other animals.(It could go differently if they either buy a refrigerator or understand the concept of frozen food).

Ever seen a human feasting? It will consume food till its belly reach the rupture point and then walk away with packed leftovers.(It could go differently if either humans try to value the concept of moderation or share with those suffering from malnutrition and starvation).


In some cultures,correcting someone older than you is frowned upon.But the truth is we all have been doing it since the beginning of life.How do you think we got till here? By adhering to the norms left behind for us? By sticking to half-built technology that didn’t satisfy everyone? What was evolution then?¬†We are constantly correcting or if you would like to say ‘modifying’ what was left behind for us by our ancestors because it is either wrong or imperfect.The world changes and thus our thoughts & needs.

So don’t think too much when correcting a senior (do it privately and verrryyy subtly).They don’t necessarily have to be dead or far away out of earshot to be corrected.Everytime you hold yourself back,you might be holding back an innovation that could make your life very easy.At least think about your own benefit?