Masses can be more easily influenced than an individual.Being in a social group creates a pressure to follow the social norm.Led by authority we forget our true selves and become part of the group.It is important to save your identity.That’s what makes you sane.That’s what makes you human.


Your child is not your product.It is something entirely different.Don’t use your own accomplishments and failures as a standard for it to achieve or surpass.Listen to what they have to say.Listen to what they want to learn.Listen to what they want to become.Listen to them like you would listen to anyone else.They are not something you own.Your child is not obligated to you or your way of life.It carries within it a life force,dreams and skills of its own.

That child has a life not because it wanted to have one,but because you wanted to create a life.That doesn’t imply that you have a right to dominate or influence it.It will just do more damage than good.