Expertise is about maintaining flexibility. If you focus too much on the details, you miss the big picture. If you focus too much on the big picture, you fail to notice the details that compose it. With flexibility, you see the same topic with different perspectives.

Life Lesson by Neuroscience

Did you know your nervous system consists of three types of neurons : sensory, motor and interneuron? And do you know which type of neuron, amongst the three, is the most abundant in your body? It is the interneuron. Sensory neurons sense the world around us and motor neurons act on that world. Interneuron connect …


True workout is not when you push your body beyond limits,it is when you push your limits farther ahead. Don't break limits,expand your limits.The point is not to break but to change and become better. Pushing the limits accommodates growth.Pushing your body is a recipe for damage.