Making realistic choices is better than making perfect choices because it accounts for unwillingness and failure.

Perfect choice never gives you result because it is just so tough to follow through.

Realistic choices bring change by walking on the path of least resistance.

You walk more freely and slowly,but every step you take is forward in the right direction.Nothing wrong with that right?

Real me

One can always use cheap tricks to drag others down and make themselves look superior.But what good will that do? You will betray your own chance of being excellent by eliminating fierce competition and advancement towards growth.


Great ideas don’t form through presentation and feedback.

They for through interaction and interruption.

Interaction instead of presentation because there’s an active dialogue going on to refine the idea rather than just bouncing the idea off the audience like we do in presentation.

Interruption instead of feedback because a modification to idea doesn’t need a whole change but change in parts (interruption could be that small change).Feedback is not innovative that’s why it’s called ‘feed’-‘back’.There’s is no action towards change but only opinion about whether the idea was good or bad.