By focusing on your present, you can change your past and your future.

It’s true that past is a done deal. How the events unravelled back then cannot be changed. But what you can change about it is perspective. Instead of viewing the past as the time lost, see it as a time well spent. The rise and the fall constructed your present and will also construct your future.

The future changing argument is plausible right? By controlling your present you can gain some control of the future. But it is also true that the future will not be laid out exactly as you planned now. Some past deeds that cannot be undone will affect it and some uncertain future factors will also affect the future in some way.

Planning and controlling your present is not a fool-proof way to achievement. But it does serve its purpose no matter how big or small. When someone is stuck in the darkness they will always be drawn towards light, no matter how faint.

That’s why no matter how significant or insignificant your present seems to you now, at this very moment it is your only light. Cherish it. Don’t let it fade.


Negativity is inevitable.No matter how much negativity you try to scoop out of life,there will be some left.Instead of being dead set on removing the negative from the life, why shouldn’t we try to add more positive?

If you’re just focused with removing the dirt from life, the only thought that you will be preoccupied by is ‘dirt’.What we need to understand that there are other things in life important to us, that could also use our attention and care.

We all try to dodge negative experiences in life.Some we escape gracefully, but some hit us bad. It is in our power to ‘pick up’ the positive bat and neutralize the negative that is thrown at us.

Holding on to anything requires energy, whether an object or a thought. It is upto us to conserve that energy by letting go of the bad and expend that energy to embrace the good.

To do or not to

The regret for not doing something is greater than the regret of doing something and failing.

The dread of not knowing will keep you on edge.

The failure will at least teach you a good lesson.

That’s why it’s better to know, no matter the answer, rather than living in uncertainty.

As human beings, it is our job to know. Otherwise there will be no difference between you and a rock.


Some people want to choose the path of least resistance.Who would blame them? Everyone wants an easy life.

But sometimes it is labelled as cowardice or weakness.

We can’t expect everyone to be a hero.If everyone was capable of being a hero, then the world wouldn’t need distinct ‘hero’.

Instead of labelling others, take action yourself.If you can’t, then wait for help or hold on to hope till the end.