You never lose time, you trade it for experience

Most of us believe that as we age, we lose time due to shortening of our lifespan, putting us at a disadvantage. What we forget to defend is that some time well-spent is a time well-lived. A life enriched with experience of time is a blessing. Don't fret that you won't long enough. You'll still …

Experience foraging

Experience comes from skill, not knowledge. And skill stems from practice. Gaining more experience is by doing more practice. Gaining knowledge is just a side effect. The more practice you do, the more concrete your experience is.


I want to live my life in the most possible unconventional way. No scripts. Changing and adapting, then changing again, to experience the purity of every diverse choice out there. Living unconventionally doesn't guarantee happiness or success. Things could become better, or even worse. It's a risky venture. But hey, you only live once. I'd …


It is easier to undermine the value of experience in face of insurmountable knowledge. Reading and understanding your favourite book does give you knowledge about it, but the expertise needed to write such a book only comes with experience. Experience doesn't come as you age, it comes through exploration and experimentation.