Evolution makes things good enough, not perfect. But why?

If you were given an assignment would you work hard or work smart? Work smart is what our bodies did.

So if you already worked smart that should provide a scaffolding for working hard right? Why not make the model better if the structure is already in place? That doesn’t happen.

As time goes on we face new challenges, making us shift our focus from an ongoing work to a new project. Our bodies starts a new project for a new challenge, safely assuming that the other projects will protect the base.


The world is unfair. It serves as a reminder that nothing is perfect. Everything requires effort to reach perfection. And perfection only comes through change. If we are not willing to change, we will not rise to become better people.


Back in the past (very long ago!), you could find genetic makeup which was favourable towards energy storage in the body. So when the food was available it would be eaten and stored efficiently, and when the winter came making surroundings less conducive to grow and find food, we had to rely on our energy stores for the snowy day.

There were also people who did not develop such mechanisms and had to survive by constantly looking for food, actively more when food was scarce in the winter. So their genetic makeup was sort of unfavourable for the time being.

Today with greater and cheaper availability of food throughout the year things have changed. The people who inherited the high tendency to store energy in the body seem more likely to become obese. The favourable mechanism of the past became unfavourable in the present.

As for people who did not have this mechanism in the first place, and were disadvantaged earlier now live in the conditions that is favourable to them. That is they can eat as much as they want and don’t seem to get fat since they don’t have the tendency to store the food they eat.

This tells us no matter the genetic makeup we’re born with, the environment has the capacity to sway in the game in your favour.

It is difficult to change one’s genes but not as tough as it is to change the environment. It’s like mountain and river. Mountain is your gene and river is your environment. It is difficult to move the mountain (almost impossible) on our own, but it is relatively easier to change the course of the river. Not to say that it is easiest of all the tasks in the world but at least it is not close to impossible. Making environmental changes will tire you out but the end result will be that you will have major control over your lifestyle.


The next generation will always surpass the previous generation (isn’t that the point of evolution)? But how much better they become than us depends on us.A tiny fraction or a vast mile.Place yourself in their shoes and ask yourself “Do I wish that my previous generation worked hard more or put in more energy to bring me more knowledge and more happiness in life? To make world a better place for all for good?” I certainly feel that way.Do you?


Intellectually we are supposed to feel uncomfortable that’s how we grow.
We are moving towards a culture in which we are comfortable with each others identity and views and don’t really question them.
Is that the way to go? Should we not try to change people’s mind if we think they are wrong? If we think they are different? Or they could be right?
Arguments are necessary for us to evolve.Not verbal abuse.If we you can’t have a rational debate then you are already lost.Raising your voice doesn’t raise your standard or standing.Only the best plausible and sensible ways get you the platform.