Special moments are special because they are rare.

Whether it is good or bad doesn’t matter. Once it becomes a routine it loses its value.

Don’t get used to being happy, find moments of happiness.

Don’t avoid sadness, deal with it.


Why people prefer virtual world over physical world? Because it is more responsive to our touch and less trickier to understand than actual human emotions.The virtual world is so much more tender and considerate with its words – ‘like’ & ‘friend’ and yet empowering with its words like ‘followers’ & ‘report/spam’ right at a click.What we don’t realize is this escape hatch is the easy way out but not the most gratifying way into breaking down our issues.We don’t want to face the grim reality but live in the happy bubble we made for ourselves that can be popped by anyone,anytime.You don’t wait for warnings in real world.Downfall just happens.And remember your life will roll exactly the same way in virtual world unless you take charge of your own problems.Internet is a tool we use to fulfill our demands.Not the other way around.


Education provides both academic and emotional growth.Academics is something that a person may or may not put to use in their lifetime.Whereas emotion is a curative feeling that tends to remain in the hearts and minds of people now and forever.