You learn from every person.No person is ever counterproductive to your cause.You learn to be aware about the world from the great people and you learn to be ignorant to critical matters from the naive people.What you choose in the end changes your life forever.Like a drop of water that sends a ripple far out throughout the lake.


Human is the only animal who craves more than needed.Greed and jealousy has advanced us in all aspects of life; but it has also taken away the value of and respect for moderation from us at the expense of enmity and hatred within the species.


Self-realization is the most powerful motivator in the world.And it can only be achieved by experiencing loss.It is a high price to pay because we don’t want to experience pain.But unless we fail,we don’t change.


Human is the only animal who demands more than needed.Greed has advanced our species in every field till today.But it has also taken away the value of moderation from us at the expense of enmity within our species.


When you correct someone (regardless of who they are),you not only make them aware of their mistakes,but you also make those around you aware of what is right.

Even if you know that the person is resistant to change,and correcting them won’t budge them,the least you can do is prevent others from falling into the same trap by daring to say what is right.

Don’t be hesitant to redirect someone.If you don’t,then that person and those around you will accept the flaws of people as laws of life.A better society is created only when someone takes the initiative to bring change.


We’re always scared or concerned about what others would think of us.Instead of looking at our own path ahead,we try to work in tandem with the footsteps of those walking beside us.And that holds us back.

Virtue of greatness shows up in those who dare to be free from the world and different from the others.Such people lead the world and follow their own path bringing with them a gust of revolution.

So,if you want to be different and develop the world in your own way,then you’ll just have to choose a different way to your destination.