At some point in your life,you will find yourself to be a victim of ridicule or hatred.

How do you deal with it?

If that hostility is spread by rumours,which you know are not true,then stop caring about the opinion of others.You know the real truth and that is more than enough.If the victim believes that the crime did not happen,then there is no crime scene,right?

Even if the gossip is true,you get to decide your own reality by choosing what to believe in.And you can by all means choose not to consider the opinion of others to build your world.Because in the end,the only person who will stand with you is you,not anyone else.

There are three kinds of people during such crisis: First,the people who don’t care.Second,the people who have too much of free brain to suck in everything they hear and believe in it without fact-checking.And third,the people who will fight for you against the world no matter the odds.




Examination should be about learning from your mistakes and improving upon them.

It shouldn’t be a factor on basis of which people judge you.

Neither they about know your circumstances nor they can imagine what you’ve been through.


Every good and bad thing shapes us and our world.

Every advancement and drawback makes us who we are.

Does that mean even bad is good sometimes?

Not necessarily.Bad is just an alternative to good.A different reality that we brought upon us at the cost of some other reality.Maybe if we had done well we wouldn’t need evil.Maybe evil is the only way that strives us to achieve good.

Would we ever feel truly happy if we didn’t know what sadness tastes like?We’ll never know unless all of us try to be good.Together.


There are only two ways you can live with a person who is a complete opposite to you:

Embrace the fact that they are who they are and align yourself with them; or

Embrace the fact that they are who they are and be yourself to create a balance in their life.