No pressure

We keep rescheduling our tasks, but what about the mental processes related to those tasks? We let it weigh on our mind today, even though it’s tomorrow’s business.

You want to live freely and efficiently, you have to unload the pressure over both the mind and the body. You can only run farther and faster only if you unload.

Work never stops. You complete one task on your to-do list, another one shows up out of nowhere. What we can stop is ‘ourselves’ in the moment. We stop to refresh or reboot our mind.

So start reducing your baggage, if you want to travel further ahead than anyone every has.

Dealing with Stress

How stress affects us depends on our response to it.

If we cower in fear and dread,the stress will overwhelm us and destroy us.

If we rise and resist the stress,we will eventually break it down before it gets to us.