If you feel stressed, feel grateful about it. Why? Because the stress has given you an opportunity to look for balance and peace. When you’ll go through the process of balancing and attain peace, you’ll experience true happiness.

If you feel happy, be grateful about it. Why? Because you’re living a reality that many can just dream as of now


The more you believe others have control over your life, the more you tend to blame others for your own problems. Shifting the blame just says that you don’t have control over the discourse. It just says that you’re a victim.

Take control. You can’t control everything, but make sure you’re the one who has 51% stakes in your life. You take control, you change the course.


An accommodating attitude helps us understand the world better than an expecting attitude.

When we see things for what they truly are, the illusion of how they should be goes away. And we get to see the reality, as we should.

Truth guides us. Illusion strays us from the path. Believing in an illusion feels good, but believing in the truth is liberating. Because in the end, the truth comprises our reality, and illusion, our minds.


The biggest mistake in planning is to focus on the outcome rather than the beginning.

You don’t know where you will end up,but at least you are in control of where and when you begin.

Controlling uncertainty is impossible.But what you do in the next moment is made certain by you; that is something you can control.