Personal Growth

It's futile to think that everyone should grow up a the same pace. Some people run fast,some run slow. Some take risks,some make careful decisions. Some are certain,some are uncertain. Trying to take away someone uniqueness for the sake of generality. Please.We are not plants.


We should strive for┬árepentance,not retribution. Retribution is just a path among various other paths.Repentance is the final goal that we need to reach. You will reach your goal only when you take the path of least resistance.And nothing creates more resistance than the will and act of vengeance.It's a loop that goes on forever with …


Nobody's interested in knowing how happy you are. The only thing that concerns the world is your status and salary. It's no wonder why we are in such a mess right now. My father tells me - People are sad in others' happiness and happy in others' sadness.


You know what your thoughts are.Other people can't read your thoughts that's why you tell it to them.This is the reason you need to think,choose and use your words wisely. Because even if you mean good and don't use the right words,you'll make more enemies than well-wishers,sometimes unknowingly - one misinterpretation is enough to turn …

Value everyone

Everyone tries to search for their own weakness in the strength of others. And this holds us back from realising our true potential.The fact is,we didn't progress this far because we're all the same. Our diversity is our strength.Good or bad,we carry with us the legacy of our ancestors.They left something behind for us to …