Detox to remove hate

Hate is fire. A fire when lit up will burn itself to ashes, with anything else it can latch on to. Hate is a feeling that we experience from time to time. We consume it, it consumes us, and terrible things happen. Instead of being charred down by the fire of hate, why don't we …


Grass always looks greener on the other side.If it's your side everyone wants to burn it down by fooling you into doing it.Just appreciate what you have and work on it for improvement.It just a waste of time to whine about what other people have.It doesn't give you the stuff you want,it just stuffs your …


Real win is when you can resist your distraction. Can only resist something when you get used to it. Don't fight it.Don't waste your energy.Let your distraction burn out instead of you. Just acknowledge your distraction and say 'Only I will win!'

Personal Growth

It's futile to think that everyone should grow up a the same pace. Some people run fast,some run slow. Some take risks,some make careful decisions. Some are certain,some are uncertain. Trying to take away someone uniqueness for the sake of generality. Please.We are not plants.