We don’t see reality. We perceive it. The difference in seeing and perceiving is that latter is subjective.

Perceiving means filtering whatever you saw and molding it into a model that you want to see.

We can’t control our objective reality, but having a balanced mindset can help us perceive the world in a way that’s good for us.


Gambling – a moment where people make irrational choices on the basis of rational experience.Whether it is a casino or real life,humans take risks.I think this is what makes us different from other animals.I don’t think we are rational beings.We really are irrational.And that has allowed us to become intelligent.Other species don’t take risks unless they think they are going to win,or when their life is already on the line,or they are going to lose something or someone precious to them.We humans take risks even when the odds are against us,even though we are perfectly safe in our cocoon and even though the things we love are safe.I wonder now,which is more smarter and braver,making a rational choice or an irrational one? What do you think? Which is the best way to go?


Ever seen an animal feasting? It will consume food till its belly is full and then walk away leaving the rest to the other animals.(It could go differently if they either buy a refrigerator or understand the concept of frozen food).

Ever seen a human feasting? It will consume food till its belly reach the rupture point and then walk away with packed leftovers.(It could go differently if either humans try to value the concept of moderation or share with those suffering from malnutrition and starvation).


There are two kinds of people – acquirer and processor.

Acquirers go on the offense.Collect everything they can.And gobble it down quickly.

Processors stay on the defense.Collect all the small bits they can.And absorb it slowly.

While you need the speed of an acquirer to cover your bases,you need the cool of a processor to develop those bases.

A balance struck in this spectrum is a valuable asset.