It doesn’t matter what we want.

Once we get what we want, we vy for something else. Our needs cannot be satisfied; they only enlarge. Suffice to say, if you don't achieve something, the world doesn't end. There's always something else you can aim for. That's what humans do.


What is the best way to grow? With support or without? When we have support, we put less strain into doing things. We don't look over our shoulder waiting for obstacles to hit us. We don't stay on guard because we don't need to. We know we will be provided by our support When we …


Finding the right career is like finding your soul mate. The odds of you finding one is slim. You may not ever get what is compatible with you the most, yet spend the rest of your life dedicating to the second best. Keep looking and not give up until you're satisfied. You are not obligated …


You want to achieve a goal? Surround yourself by people who want to achieve similar goals.Energy is contagious.Their wish will flow through you and your wish will flow through them.This transfer of energy is how you will sustain throughout.


Your past doesn't make the basis for your future.Your present does. Your past is long gone.It has no relevance today.Your present action will decide your future discourse. In the past you may have steered the other way but right now,you have the choice to steer it the direction you want. Your past is powerless against …