Real win is when you can resist your distraction.

Can only resist something when you get used to it.

Don’t fight it.Don’t waste your energy.Let your distraction burn out instead of you.

Just acknowledge your distraction and say ‘Only I will win!’


We all start off from where we are born – could be as a worker’s kid or a businessman’s heir.You can’t change that.

But you can decide how big of a leap you are willing to take to get to the top of the ladder.
It is difficult to climb the farther below you are,but it feels much more amazing than any experience you’ll ever have.

A smooth road is soothing,but a bumpy ride is far more adventurous.


There’s a big difference between ‘only representation’ and ‘valid representation’.We see a diversity of people from different country,race,caste,religion,color,gender,class and so on doing a variety jobs nowadays without any restriction and discrimination.But they are getting representation not recognition under the pretext that it is to promote diversity in job culture rather than help them show off their skills.This implicit form of discrimination is difficult to criticize because it is difficult to recognize.In early days we had more of an explicit form of discrimination which was easy for everyone to see and criticize.This hidden discrimination is a potential form of overt discrimination.We need to stop it while we can or we will be back to the square one.