If the other people ask you to listen to their problems,do listen.

It will give them relief to get it all off their chest (and maybe some good advice in return by you 😉).

It will serve as a reminder to you,as to how simpler your life is compared to others and your problems are far more manageable than that of the others.

And lastly,it will help you to learn from the failures of others and be prepared for any problem alike.

Being human

People may or may not listen to you if you have something good to say.If they know about it they will just shrug it off and if they didn’t know about it they may still shrug it off under the pretext of common sense.

People may or may not listen to you if you tell them something they don’t know.It depends on the recipient circumstances and the informant’s credibility.

And people will definitely resist you (even a tiny bit) if you tell them something they know is wrong because humans are resistant to any change (big or small).

But if they are desperate,regardless of good or bad,knowing or unknowing and right or wrong; they will discard all the decisive factors and go with whatever works.


Try to guess how much your fruits and vegetables weigh (separate bunches preferably).Then check your answer using a weighing scale (do this activity while shopping if you like).

Overtime you will pick up the skill of guessing the right number of kilos or pounds (or whatever unit you’re into) and acquire an amazing skill of balance (pun intended).

Furniture tip

If you are buying a big,heavy bed (preferably with a good storage space) then make sure you STICK (don’t get carried away) its head to the wall with no cracks in between.

If there IS a crack and something manages to just slip into it (argue later about whose fault it is) then you can kiss that thing goodbye because nothing gets out of that black hole despite the fact how good a sucker you are [Nah,you are beautiful ;)].

If your solution to it is : Just maintain good space in the first place.Well..

A) Are you rich?

B) Who does that? (Really I want to get to know them!)