If you exercise at home (that’s what I do because I am too lazy to date nature) then try to get into the rhythm of exercise using music.And not just any music,it should be music with which you have an emotional connection.

For instance,when I do cardio (something like running or jogging) I play anime theme songs with high tempo (Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on titan makes me go Ackerman)! What happens is that the anime-fan connection I have with the song keeps me engaged in fantasies and the tempo syncs perfectly with the cardio so I don’t feel any mismatch in the rhythm.And guess what? It helps me to stay healthy! (I know stating the obvious is not cool :p)

Stay healthy and live wealthy!

It’s okay

You can’t just get up one morning and become the person that everyone expects you to become.Someone that you want to become.

If there are vices that you want to get rid of,then you just have to pretend that they don’t exist.You will hear them knocking at your mind’s door willing to be let in.But you just need to ignore them.They will keep knocking for a while before they finally go away.Meanwhile you just need to control your actions.

Thoughts will come and go as they please.If you try to resist or suppress them,they’ll just end up drawing your energy. What you need to do is channel that energy into virtuous actions and show your thoughts that you will become what you want to become.Not what they are.

Don’t give up

You’re going to fight many battles in your life.Some you will win,some you will lose.Some you will leave and forget,some you will come back to and regret.The only factor that will remain constant throughout all this is YOU.

What does it imply? It implies that whenever you lose it’s not your fault.It’s something else.Every damn time.

If there was a fault in you then you wouldn’t have won any battle in your life.You would have just kept losing from the beginning.And believe me,you DID NOT LOSE in the beginning.None of us did! The battle we all won (given that you are a human being) is: The odds of you becoming a human being is 400 trillion to 1.Now,I understand you may not be happy with your human being situation when you see a dog chilling in a limo,but believe me if your parents had gone even 1 second late to bed,you wouldn’t have been here reading my post (P.S. Thank you for being here and reading my post).

Don’t blame yourself.Just get up and fight.That’s the only way to win.

Value everyone

Everyone tries to search for their own weakness in the strength of others. And this holds us back from realising our true potential.The fact is,we didn’t progress this far because we’re all the same.

Our diversity is our strength.Good or bad,we carry with us the legacy of our ancestors.They left something behind for us to work on.We will leave something behind for our future generation to think upon.This cycle will last as long as we don’t hold back on sharing our ideas,despite our differences.

We humans have the best faculty and resources of all time.We have achieved so much in a short span of time.We have superseded every species that ever lived.Our instincts shout – “Fight,survive and progress”.And here we are – fighting each other,surviving in fear and still progressing.

We see our differences as threat.We harm each other despite knowing that we all share the same fate.What are we afraid of? What should we be afraid of? I wonder sometimes – if we could progress this far while fighting one another,how much more further we can go while respecting each other.

Be accepting

If you can’t accept others’ choices then don’t expect them to accept yours.

A state is built when people come together to exchange their goods and services.

And a society is built when people not only stay together but respect each other regardless of their differences.