Unless you feel the pain,you will not be driven to find a cure.

Unless you are driven into a corner,you will not be motivated to fight.

Unless you feel desperate,you will not take anymore risks than you have to.

Most of us try to dodge the scratches and find the easy way out.And it’s okay to live a simple life.But not everyone has the privilege to take the safe way out.That’s why a few of us succeed despite the odds,because those few are motivated to their wit’s end to become better and live better than their current state that drives them insane.

If you want to stay motivated and not quit,then find your passion and the fuel to fire it up.You can work hard all day long,whenever you want,but unless you have the fuel to keep you going,you will lose to yourself first before others get a chance to defeat you.So find the fuel to keep your fire going.Without than you cannot win.



We should strive for repentance,not retribution.

Retribution is just a path among various other paths.Repentance is the final goal that we need to reach.

You will reach your goal only when you take the path of least resistance.And nothing creates more resistance than the will and act of vengeance.It’s a loop that goes on forever with temporary satisfaction,but permanent loss.


Whatever you do now will stay on forever – as a fact,as a memory,as a meme or as a piece of history.That means you will carry on with you both moments of happiness and sorrow whether you want to or not,until the day you die and beyond.

You cannot avoid sorrow.It will come out of nowhere and smack you hard.But what you can do is suppress your sorrow with your happiness so that you forget that the sad moments ever existed.Just take the stick away and make it less painful.

It’s like pushing the boring tasks to the end of day.It’s like eating the good stuff before anything else.It’s like stacking the boring books under the pile of interesting books.It’s like giving priority to your strengths over weaknesses.It’s like bringing out the best of you leaving all the negativity behind.It’s like finding a purpose and a way true happiness.It’s like finding everything you ever wanted from the beginning ­čÖé


When you want to get the outside view of the other side of the window without moving from your place,just ask the person sitting there to use their camera and take a live shot for you to see.I usually do this on airplanes ­čÖé



Democracy or Autocracy.Which one works? Both.

Then why are we not good at either of them?Where is the flaw? It’s within us! Because they are just systems that need the right personnel.And we are nowhere near being the right personnel.

What we need is a modification of human nature,not the system itself.Because every system has a capacity to build and destroy.But the final authority of making the system capable of something lies with us.Hence,in the end,we get to make the final call of boon or doom.