Try to guess how much your fruits and vegetables weigh (separate bunches preferably).Then check your answer using a weighing scale (do this activity while shopping if you like).

Overtime you will pick up the skill of guessing the right number of kilos or pounds (or whatever unit you’re into) and acquire an amazing skill of balance (pun intended).

Furniture tip

If you are buying a big,heavy bed (preferably with a good storage space) then make sure you STICK (don’t get carried away) its head to the wall with no cracks in between.

If there IS a crack and something manages to just slip into it (argue later about whose fault it is) then you can kiss that thing goodbye because nothing gets out of that black hole despite the fact how good a sucker you are [Nah,you are beautiful ;)].

If your solution to it is : Just maintain good space in the first place.Well..

A) Are you rich?

B) Who does that? (Really I want to get to know them!)


I have had the greatest pleasure of meeting a few special people in my life,reminding me of my true worth.

One of them said to me:

“Your subjects are so easy to understand! I mean I could study all of them in a day or two! Really ANYONE could do that!”

And I had only one thing to say:

“You’re welcome.I promise,I will keep making this world a simple place to live in.”

Never regret your choices.

If you do,learn and build upon them.

Believe me that the Leaning Tower of Pisa did not become so famous just because it was trying to be perfect.