Our brain is a magician.It has a lot of tricks up its sleeve to make us do things we otherwise won’t do or might do wrong.As we are delving deep into the brain with more research into revealing these tricks,the more we’re understanding how vulnerable we are.

For instance,research states that a small size plate tricks us into eating less and also makes us feel as full as we would feel by eating from a larger plate.Now that the trick has been revealed,the deception won’t affect you and me.In fact,it might counterwork because now we know about this deception,we won’t fall for it and we will go on a dining spree like forever (if you got the money).So,the brain hacks us and with our deeper understanding of the brain we are counter-hacking it.

It’s a good thing to become self-aware through self-study,but we need to get a grip on ourselves at the same time.These secrets are need to be used,not to be discovered and taken for granted.These are needed to be found and implemented consciously to understand ourselves even better.


When you correct someone (regardless of who they are),you not only make them aware of their mistakes,but you also make those around you aware of what is right.

Even if you know that the person is resistant to change,and correcting them won’t budge them,the least you can do is prevent others from falling into the same trap by daring to say what is right.

Don’t be hesitant to redirect someone.If you don’t,then that person and those around you will accept the flaws of people as laws of life.A better society is created only when someone takes the initiative to bring change.