If you believe in destiny –┬áthe events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future – you feel compelled to follow it.

But if you dare to choose a different path,walk on it even for a millisecond,you change your destiny at that moment.

And that doesn’t make you any less powerful than the Gods who create destiny.

So maybe we can say that a book on us is already written,but that doesn’t mean a new edition can’t come along.With more cash.With more fame.With more pizza.With more chocolate.With more fun on the beach.And what not.


Watching videos is better than reading and following instructions because not only it teaches you how to better do something with visual and audio cues (all senses engaged!) but also gives you confidence to do it with its power of human touch. (P.S. Bloopers remind us that it’s not just you or me,everyone sucks at something :p)


Something hits you hard in life.You perceive pain.You cry.

You cry because you perceive the feeling negatively.

Now you can’t stop others from hurting you but what you can do is stop your own perception from hurting you.

Change your shield.Change your perspective.