Prolong life

We all have a lifespan.And a few of us would really like to extend that.Using life elixir or what not.

Until you come up with a magical solution,just eat healthy (and moderately) and exercise (again moderately),okay? That will extend your life automatically.

Also for some,doing this will not guarantee to cure all your health conditions,but at the very least it will provide you with more control over your body.


People are going to talk about you whether you like it or not.You’re gonna hear everything whether you want to or not.The only way to get through all of that is just to think “this moment shall pass and never come back.”

The world will end one day eventually (scientists claim),so no worries okay? Just smile 🙂


In some cultures,correcting someone older than you is frowned upon.But the truth is we all have been doing it since the beginning of life.How do you think we got till here? By adhering to the norms left behind for us? By sticking to half-built technology that didn’t satisfy everyone? What was evolution then? We are constantly correcting or if you would like to say ‘modifying’ what was left behind for us by our ancestors because it is either wrong or imperfect.The world changes and thus our thoughts & needs.

So don’t think too much when correcting a senior (do it privately and verrryyy subtly).They don’t necessarily have to be dead or far away out of earshot to be corrected.Everytime you hold yourself back,you might be holding back an innovation that could make your life very easy.At least think about your own benefit?


Good & Bad

Good is either a good action or a bad action with good implication.

Bad is either a bad action or a good action with bad implication.

The good and bad action is self explanatory.

Example of a bad action with good implication could be,use of weaponry to prolong peace.

Example of a good action with bad implication could be,providing a child with everything in the world unconditionally,making it weak to struggle on its own if ever need be.


At some point in your life,you will find yourself to be a victim of ridicule or hatred.

How do you deal with it?

If that hostility is spread by rumours,which you know are not true,then stop caring about the opinion of others.You know the real truth and that is more than enough.If the victim believes that the crime did not happen,then there is no crime scene,right?

Even if the gossip is true,you get to decide your own reality by choosing what to believe in.And you can by all means choose not to consider the opinion of others to build your world.Because in the end,the only person who will stand with you is you,not anyone else.

There are three kinds of people during such crisis: First,the people who don’t care.Second,the people who have too much of free brain to suck in everything they hear and believe in it without fact-checking.And third,the people who will fight for you against the world no matter the odds.




You know what your thoughts are.Other people can’t read your thoughts that’s why you tell it to them.This is the reason you need to think,choose and use your words wisely. Because even if you mean good and don’t use the right words,you’ll make more enemies than well-wishers,sometimes unknowingly – one misinterpretation is enough to turn the world against you.Don’t let that happen.