Some women just want to be strong and we mistake them for being ‘Tomboy’ or ‘Manly’.

Some men just want to lead a peaceful life and we mistake them for being ‘Weak’ or ‘Girly’.

People can’t mind their own business.They watch others and judge them.And maybe we should let them watch.Make them realize what a free world truly means.

No matter the judgement,a free world must remain a free world.


Do not mistake modesty or humility for shyness.

Someone might not speak up out of respect for the person or circumstance, doesn’t mean they are weak not to speak.

Shy people feel comfortable on their own whereas modest people feel comfort in your comfort rather than their own.

Game of thrones

Was the Night King Three-Eyed Raven’s creation to rule the Seven Kingdoms?

Children of the Forest who follow the Three-Eyed Raven,created the Night King.

By giving the people a common enemy (Night King), the Three-Eyed Raven united the people, and helped them to get through the Long Night.

After witnessing the Three-Eyed Raven’s power, people saw it as a symbol of hope and unity, making Brandon Stark THE KING.

Lord & Ladies created chaos in the realm to grab power and the Three-Eyed Raven used this chaos,the fear of instability in the people’s mind to ascend to power.

So why did Bran let the North get away? When Aegon the Conqueror was crowned the King, he was ruling only the Six Kingdoms (couldn’t conquer Dorne at the time), so I say it’s a great start for Brandon Stark.

He belongs to the North by Blood, he will find a way to get it back.Or maybe not because he has seen a lot of snow already? If he can wait this long to become the ruler of the Six Kingdoms, then a little more wait will not hurt. (Since we know Wights come from the North, who is gonna bend the knee if trouble comes? Buckle up Queen Sansa to Bend the Knee.)

So Brandon was playing the Game of Thrones? Possibly.If he was,then salutations to his dedication.He has been quite patient.Patience is a virtue.Whether his intentions are good or bad, there will be no better ruler than him.Or rather his supremacy is unchallenged with the knowledge and influence he possesses with his abilities.

His reply to Tyrion in the last episode suggested that he was building up to the possibility of being the ruler (When asked would he choose to rule,no?) And did you notice that the Kingsguard did not have the symbol of ‘Crown’ on their armors? It was replaced by a symbol of ‘Raven’ of the Three-Eyed Raven.

Brandon will seep into the minds of people slowly and indirectly.Because we know last time he tried to do that directly,Hodor or Hold the Door happened.

Three-Eyed Raven’s power have been passed down from generation to generation.Brandon Stark’s body is just a vessel.T.E.R. will live on forever.

No one will feel threatened by Brandon.He is a crippled boy with nothing to lose.He can’t have children,so preserving the biological lineage at any cost is not an issue.He wasn’t born with the power.He was chosen.For a reason.And we see the gamble’s debt being paid in full.

Life Lesson by GoT

Game of thrones finale taught me one thing today.

Being the ‘chosen one’ doesn’t make you the ‘right one’,it just makes you the ‘convenient one’.

Convenient answers are the simplest,but not in the least bit enough to understand and unravel the complexity of the world.

Daenerys Targaryen could walk through fire unharmed and was the mother of three dragons.There’s your chosen one.But that didn’t give her the right to kill innocent people.She could use fear to rule for years to come but it would have been a convenient way to keep together the seven kingdoms,not the best or the right way.


Only the society and you can attach meaning to your life.

Society is a place where you have to pay your share to live,so it’s obvious that society will judge.

What about you? How do you define yourself? Is it okay to love yourself even if you do bad things?

When the society outcasts you,what meaning you attach to yourself becomes the only purpose of your life.