If you want to make a change,just make a change.

Your job is to give the exam not check the paper.

You can learn from your mistakes only when you make mistakes and correct them.

Nobody is gonna know you or help you if you don’t even show up to school due to the fear of exam.


If you can use words and numbers to showoff your success,then why can’t you use words and numbers to downplay your failure?

It is blaming the people and circumstances that helps you to fend off the negativity before it overwhelms you.

Does it solve your problems? No.

Does it keep you sane thinking the world is insane? Yes.

You will solve all your problems eventually as long as you stay the course.

Even if you can’t,you will leave them behind one day like everyone else does and taste wine in the heavens.

More than half of the problems that we face today were created by our ancestors – Be it the horrifying repercussions of the World War OR

Mars Climate Orbiter disappeared and later disintegrated on Mars because the ground-based computer software worked by the imperial system instead of the metric system.

We,the current generation,are the quickest way to solve such problems but not the only way (Yeah! Pass it on to the next generations).

So if you don’t want to solve any problems,don’t want to make your life easier,and if you’re okay with a blank slate with no stars,just blame it off.


As long as people CAN sense your fear,they WILL try to beat you down.

Either you face your fears or you face the feared people.

When you do that,you will realize that both are one and the same thing.

Prolong life

We all have a lifespan.And a few of us would really like to extend that.Using life elixir or what not.

Until you come up with a magical solution,just eat healthy (and moderately) and exercise (again moderately),okay? That will extend your life automatically.

Also for some,doing this will not guarantee to cure all your health conditions,but at the very least it will provide you with more control over your body.


People are going to talk about you whether you like it or not.You’re gonna hear everything whether you want to or not.The only way to get through all of that is just to think “this moment shall pass and never come back.”

The world will end one day eventually (scientists claim),so no worries okay? Just smile 🙂