Learn and grow forever

If you can't do something, it doesn't mean you CAN'T DO IT. It just means that you CAN'T DO IT YET. Just figure out how to do it and practice, because that's what expertise is about. Cursing yourself for being stupid or blaming others for your own limitation is a vicious cycle of stagnation.

Why there is a great potential for discovery

If you think you know enough, you are yet to discover the abundance of knowledge. When we think that we know everything, we stop searching. When we stop searching, we stop creating new knowledge leading to stagnation.

Why death is so mystical

Death is a neutral state. For some it is an emergency exit to get away from worries of life, and for others it is a lost chance for creating a happier life. Death is a just a medium. It is not a remedy or punishment. What we make of it, makes all the difference.

Why you should put on your lab coat to experiment with truth

Neither ignore criticism nor accept it as your eternal reality. Permanent ignorance or acceptance of criticism means that you are unwilling to investigate and improve your present self. What you must do is treat criticism as an opportunity to grow. You are being criticized because, either you are lacking in something or others are lacking …

Why giving to the world is a gift for oneself

When you believe you don't have much to offer, you'll always feel poor. It's not really about how much you REALLY have, it's about how much you THINK you have, that makes all the difference. That's why some people no matter how rich they get, might always feel lack of something in back of your …

Tuning the right frequency of emotions

Have you ever observed that we spontaneously feel the pain of the other person (even if it is a stranger)? Although you are not being subjected to the misery, just watching them suffer, makes your heart and soul suffer. How about we develop this spontaneity for others' happiness as well? If we can immediately feel …