We all have a view that we want to put into practice but can’t because a stereotype strolls within us.

Only way to adopt any view is to be befriend that view through conditioning or by building an association with it through focus and practice.

Create new memories and rewrite them over the old ones.Don’t change your views but evolve your thoughts.



Our brain is a magician.It has a lot of tricks up its sleeve to make us do things we otherwise won’t do or might do wrong.As we are delving deep into the brain with more research into revealing these tricks,the more we’re understanding how vulnerable we are.

For instance,research states that a small size plate tricks us into eating less and also makes us feel as full as we would feel by eating from a larger plate.Now that the trick has been revealed,the deception won’t affect you and me.In fact,it might counterwork because now we know about this deception,we won’t fall for it and we will go on a dining spree like forever (if you got the money).So,the brain hacks us and with our deeper understanding of the brain we are counter-hacking it.

It’s a good thing to become self-aware through self-study,but we need to get a grip on ourselves at the same time.These secrets are need to be used,not to be discovered and taken for granted.These are needed to be found and implemented consciously to understand ourselves even better.


Either talking to a stranger to explain a concept or talking to a therapist to solve a problem – we break down our issue into organized elements to make others comprehend it and along the way make ourselves understand it even better.

The advantage of going to a therapist over anyone else is that your information remains confidential and when you make a monetary commitment to an activity,you tend to do it more seriously than if it were free.

Therapist don’t tell you what to do.They just direct you,within you,to find the best of you, who would solve your problem.



I recently read about a clinical case.It was about a patient who smoked regularly and slept while sucking at a pacifier in mouth.He went to a therapist thinking that a session of hypnosis was needed for him to get out of these habit.The therapist knew that hypnosis wasn’t going to work out based on the data gathered in previous similar studies.But he did it anyways to put his client’s mind at ease.

Surprisingly,it worked! Keeping aside the controversial debate on the effectiveness of hypnosis,this case shows that the patient’s belief in a cure regardless of the evidence that backed it outweighed the therapist’s expertise and previous established case studies.Thus,what patient believed mattered more to the treatment than what therapist’s experience said would work.

Power of belief can turn even poison into medicine.No matter how good your current treatment is,if you don’t believe in it,then you’re bound to lose.But if you take every hardship in life as a blessing in disguise,you’ll be the winner of all.