Evolution makes things good enough, not perfect. But why?

If you were given an assignment would you work hard or work smart? Work smart is what our bodies did.

So if you already worked smart that should provide a scaffolding for working hard right? Why not make the model better if the structure is already in place? That doesn’t happen.

As time goes on we face new challenges, making us shift our focus from an ongoing work to a new project. Our bodies starts a new project for a new challenge, safely assuming that the other projects will protect the base.

Learning and memory

I feel that to learn something, writing it down is the best way to retain it.

You have limited attention capacity. So to utilise it the best you need to practice small chunk of the task at a time. Just like we eat in bites, not the whole plate at a time because we know our stomach can’t hold so much food.

But just like the eating we begin at the faster rate and end at a slower rate. Learning happens the same way. We start out with enthusiasm but, we can overdo it to the point of mental exhaustion.

Digest or learn in small chunks for better absorption and utilisation. When you just read, you tend to speed through the text. But when you write you take your time with every word.

No pressure

We keep rescheduling our tasks, but what about the mental processes related to those tasks? We let it weigh on our mind today, even though it’s tomorrow’s business.

You want to live freely and efficiently, you have to unload the pressure over both the mind and the body. You can only run farther and faster only if you unload.

Work never stops. You complete one task on your to-do list, another one shows up out of nowhere. What we can stop is ‘ourselves’ in the moment. We stop to refresh or reboot our mind.

So start reducing your baggage, if you want to travel further ahead than anyone every has.