Undergoing treatment should not be seen as a sign of sickness or weakness, it is a way through which people get their life back.

Most people avoid treatment due to fear of being exposed. But it takes more guts to accept one’s flaws than brag about one’s strengths.

Disease and health

There are two categories of diseases. One is ‘diseases of affluence’ that inflict the rich such as heart diseases and cancer.Other is ‘diseases of poverty’ that inflict the poor such as infectious diseases or malnutrition.

Diseases of affluence happen because of abundance of unhealthy diet and diseases of poverty happen because of scarce access to healthy diet.

You do not have to be in either of these categories. Lowering unhealthy consumption and increasing healthy consumption will keep you away from both.

A very simple message right? Too obvious? If it is too simple and obvious then why do we have these diseases in the first place?

Goal attainment

To accomplish any goal, you need to overcome the physical hurdle and the psychological hurdle associated with it.

The physical hurdle is easier to overcome than the psychological hurdle because, it is something you can observe and work on directly.

We are not as adept when dealing with a psychological hurdle because, it is something that stays in the shadow, beyond the reach of human senses to detect in earlier stages.

That’s why we many times push ourselves to physical extremes without realising that we have already broken down, well and past, the psychological hurdle.

Even though we are giving our best physically, our mental self would not feel the same satisfaction since it has been damaged.

What happens there on is, even if we succeed in our physical reality, we stay in an or underwhelmed or overwhelmed state, or overall an unsatisfied state in our psyche.

What we need to do to overcome this is, treat physical and psychological as two children of our own, rather than one. Just like with children, we give them simple problems first and then progressively increase the difficulty level, we need to start with basics with our physical and psychological self, and slowly make them stronger together.

If we can join a gym to stay healthy physically, shouldn’t we also engage in a mental gym to grow psychologically?