Experience foraging

Experience comes from skill, not knowledge. And skill stems from practice. Gaining more experience is by doing more practice. Gaining knowledge is just a side effect. The more practice you do, the more concrete your experience is.

Your choices build your present

The question isn't whether you know something or not. The question isn't whether you made a mistake or not. The question is whether you're willing to learn, willing to grow and be your best possible self. Your life distills down to the choice you're willing to make for yourself, not what you did in the …

Learn and grow forever

If you can't do something, it doesn't mean you CAN'T DO IT. It just means that you CAN'T DO IT YET. Just figure out how to do it and practice, because that's what expertise is about. Cursing yourself for being stupid or blaming others for your own limitation is a vicious cycle of stagnation.

Why there is a great potential for discovery

If you think you know enough, you are yet to discover the abundance of knowledge. When we think that we know everything, we stop searching. When we stop searching, we stop creating new knowledge leading to stagnation.

Why you should put on your lab coat to experiment with truth

Neither ignore criticism nor accept it as your eternal reality. Permanent ignorance or acceptance of criticism means that you are unwilling to investigate and improve your present self. What you must do is treat criticism as an opportunity to grow. You are being criticized because, either you are lacking in something or others are lacking …

The way of learning is the way forward

You are free to compare yourself to others, as long as you use the information gathered to learn and improve. But if you use that information to just pass a judgement, to look down on people or/and to beat yourself for not being successful, then you'll never find achievement. Observation is a tool of learning. …

The correct way to learn from a mistake

A mistake is a failure to learn from. If you make the same mistake again, it means you never learned from your failure. Make as many mistakes as you can to learn as much as you want. But don't make the same mistake twice.

Why experimentation is a tool of the living

You are a product of the environment, surrounded by other products of the environment. We have the tendency to come on top of everything, and we do that by interacting with nature around us. Our interactions are not always planned, and certainly not always favourable. We are an experiment of the environment, and to find …