Time management is simply the process of prioritization.

Don't simply write down the tasks you want to accomplish. Order them from start to finish in such a way that they align with rest of your day and complete themselves without you knowing.

Don’t strive to become better. Strive to become the best.

The difference: When you simply try to become better than something or someone, your passion burns out after you become better than them. But, by trying to become the best, you remove the upper limit of what you can do and what can be done. It's insane to set a limitation when you can achieve …

Drawback of Goals

Goal setting is a great way to achieve your aim, but it's a double-edged sword. When you set a goal, you set an expectation of how your life should be. Unless you're very lucky, you generally don't get to live the life that you have planned out for yourself. When we don't get to live …

Experience foraging

Experience comes from skill, not knowledge. And skill stems from practice. Gaining more experience is by doing more practice. Gaining knowledge is just a side effect. The more practice you do, the more concrete your experience is.