In order to build a sturdier building,one has to tear down the old one and start executing plans for the new.

In the same way when you suffer in life,you do become stronger – but only when you tear down your old self and construct yourself anew.


When you hold in your tears it hurts.The pain hurts you from within while testing your limits.When you let go you feel relieved.There is no meaning in holding on to your suffering.Crying is not only for the weak.Those who choose to cry,choose to live with no agony.And I don’t see a more smarter choice than letting go of pain.Isn’t that something we all strive for in the end?


Life is a venture written by various authors – by you,by those around you and by the destiny itself.Everyone writes in secrecy their own tale and surprises the other with their own twist.

You cannot stop the others from writing their own thoughts (and you shouldn’t); but what you can do is fill your content with the best dreams you ever had and hope for the greatest possible adventure ever.

Create your own happiness and expect the world to throw its worst at you.