I am a clean slate in the morning.An operative during the day.A slate scribbled with new content by the night.With so much going inside my mind and around me,I evolve with every second.With so much information to process,how can I stay constant? My thoughts develop everyday,which can be conflicting,but it is the only way to reach the most convincing argument with a common solution.


I contribute to the society because I am selfish.I am greedy to live in a perfect world where exists immense knowledge and inexpensive services.I want to live in a place where people constantly look for a solution to make this globe a better place.


Everything in life is a test of your resilience – peer pressure,antagonism,exam stress,job interview,societal standards and what not.Whatever you choose to do will be graded based on a system.When you fail in life,you fail at the system.At that point you must remind yourself that – the system isn’t you.The system doesn’t define you.In fact,it can’t define you because you,me and us define the system itself.

A system exists to create coordination.It is not a metric of success and failure.Whereas a system can be replaced according to the need of the people and time,a person can only be created once and never again.





If you’re restricted by the opinions of the society,then you are tied down in every way possible.

Haven’t we all been fighting for freedom since day 0? When we grow and struggle in our mother’s womb to be free.When we take every measure available to delay death upon ourselves.When we make a choice in life.

Then how can we be constrained by something outdated and nonexistent like norms?


When you expect things – expectations drive your life,not you.

You are not your expectations.You are not your dreams.You are not your wish or regret.

You are a creator with a potential to create your own world.


We’re always scared or concerned about what others would think of us.Instead of looking at our own path ahead,we try to work in tandem with the footsteps of those walking beside us.And that holds us back.

Virtue of greatness shows up in those who dare to be free from the world and different from the others.Such people lead the world and follow their own path bringing with them a gust of revolution.

So,if you want to be different and develop the world in your own way,then you’ll just have to choose a different way to your destination.