Censorship is a very gray area.Should it be done or not? How much of it should be done? My take is that we shouldn’t suppress the creative freedom of others whether good or bad.One can only be shown good things their whole life but they wouldn’t be doing that out of choice.What if a bad choice is given? Would they take it? Would they understand whether it is actually bad or good? When we expose people to both sides of the spectrum we make them understand what is the spectrum about and why it’s important.So in order to know what’s good,a person should know what’s bad.We should not only teach them the good manners to inculcate in one’s life but also bad habits to avoid.You can’t prevent bad things from happening unless the person is told what is bad.Not telling them about this will just make them furious and curious since an aspect of their freedom is being taken away waiting to be explored.

Censorship is valid in some contexts.For instance,there are shows full of violent content,right? We are just shown the show and it’s morality is left up to us to decide.Freedom at its full capacity.But what if a person or a child is incapable of making that decision and thinks about experimenting it out? Someone’s freedom will be taken away.The content is just a part of the trigger.The other part is our will to act.Both of these come together to form a whole trigger.So either we censor the content or spread moral awareness to disable the trigger.And the former is easier to do that’s why it feels so right – like teaching someone is tougher than not teaching them at all.So censorship may keep peace in the society but only a temporary one.It is not the final answer.

People don’t hate censorship of a particular content per se (maybe they do),what they hate is the censorship of freedom to create,explore and spread creativity.I may or may not like shows based on violence but I¬†won’t tolerate my freedom being taken away due to that,that is,through censorship.And censorship becomes more controversial when some people have more freedom than the others,like people in the government having more freedom & power to make moral decisions than me,for me.I should have made that decision because it doesn’t require any external force but someone else made it for me and that’s a threat to my freedom.But they are my representatives so why object? They represent my views after all.Well,I voted for them to make decisions for me that I am incapable of making myself – maybe taking care of plumbing system in the city? But I am very well capable of making a moral decision on my own without a representative.In that case,I am the main representative of me.So censorship is a pretty effective solution in short term but it is incapable of dealing with the dynamics of the world forever,especially the dynamics of mind and behavior of humans.


As we become an adult,logic becomes a norm and creativity something unique.As a child it is the other way round.To us some of their endeavour may seem fruitless,but what they do all the time is completely new to them,and that’s important.They don’t hesitate to try because they don’t understand the cost that risk bears.Who do you think is more vulnerable? Us or a baby? Of course,the latter.Our mental faculty helps us to assess and averse the risk but not take it head on because we are afraid of the consequences.We have more tools that a kid does to get ourselves back on the track,yet they are the ones taking more risks than us.We understand our risks and have a greater ability to deal with them yet we take a step back.It doesn’t seem that we just evolve from childhood to late adulthood but more like evolve-devolve,for both good and bad.


Don’t think twice.You already invested a lot of time when you were thinking the first time.The second time will just exhaust your mental faculty and make yourself doubt you.Not to say you don’t need to proofread.And not to say haste cannot be a waste.If you made a decision first time with every resource available,then that was the best decision.Our resources keep on improving so it may feel like you made a wrong decision when in fact you made the best decisions under the given situation.It’s the doubt in you that kills future creativity.Doubt things around you to update your thinking.


Failure exists to remind you to not ease into success.You experience failure only when you are doing well.It wouldn’t feel like a failure if you were already a failure.Everyone of us is successful in our own way – economically,socially,spiritually,aesthetically,politically,religiously and so on.Failure doesn’t prove that you are a failure.It just proves you failed this time and there’re always new things to try out.Failure is the only way you will enrich your life to maximum potential.If you don’t go through the worst you won’t appreciate the best.Instead of criticizing failure – thank it – to not let you soar up high in the skies and only to forget what lies below it.


The next generation will always surpass the previous generation (isn’t that the point of evolution)? But how much better they become than us depends on us.A tiny fraction or a vast mile.Place yourself in their shoes and ask yourself “Do I wish that my previous generation worked hard more or put in more energy to bring me more knowledge and more happiness in life? To make world a better place for all for good?” I certainly feel that way.Do you?


Intellectually we are supposed to feel uncomfortable that’s how we grow.
We are moving towards a culture in which we are comfortable with each others identity and views and don’t really question them.
Is that the way to go? Should we not try to change people’s mind if we think they are wrong? If we think they are different? Or they could be right?
Arguments are necessary for us to evolve.Not verbal abuse.If we you can’t have a rational debate then you are already lost.Raising your voice doesn’t raise your standard or standing.Only the best plausible and sensible ways get you the platform.


Everything happens for a reason.This idea takes away your sense of purpose.It takes away the blame on you.It takes away the fruit of your effort.Because it implies that someone does everything for all so you don’t need to do anything for you at all.


Plan everything.But don’t freak out when things don’t go according to your plan.Just get things done.Worry consumes too much energy and time.Both of which are limited for us.And you know what’s funny? Things don’t get done even if you plan every last detail to the point.It just gets done some or the other way if you persevere.That means,EVERYTHING GETS DONE,BUT NOT EXACTLY THE WAY YOU PLAN.Don’t sweat.Just do what you gotta do.Inspiration,motivation,satisfaction – all these things get spurred by action only.A potato doesn’t do anything.It just sits there.Hence it has got no ambition.No life.(I don’t mean to hurt your feelings potato! I love you!)

This is not a formula for success.It is a formula to face failure.You can only succeed if you accept failure as a part of your life.If you get scared of losing you footing,then how are you gonna climb up forever? Acceptance makes you stronger.Avoidance just brings conflict of identity.It makes you wonder who you really are because you never step out in the game and assess yourself.And if you don’t evaluate yourself,then how you’re going to grow? Isn’t that what we humans,or rather every living being has done since the beginning of time?