Changing oneself is easier than changing the world. Why? Because the resistance faced to change oneself is lesser than resistance faced to change the world. Higher number of people leads to higher complexity of change because you need to accommodate everyone’s interests and wishes. By changing yourself you dilute the force needed to make a change.

But should you change yourself? Can you? It’s how determined you’re that decides your next course of action.


Which way should you go in life? It depends on where you currently are.

You can’t just jump from being nothing to being everything. There are intermediate steps that need to be followed.

What are those intermediate steps are? It depends on the path you take. Some journeys are long, some are short, with their own cost- benefit analysis.


Don’t control anyone. Everyone wants freedom. Freedom to leave the womb of mother. Freedom to leave one’s withered body. Freedom from responsibilities deemed worthy by others.

If we only want to survive, then we can survive. But there comes a point in life where we just don’t want to survive, but live, a life with no regrets.


People worry too much about what’s going to happen, rather than what’s happening right now.

It means that, we worry about the future that is beyond our control, rather than focusing on the present that we can control to some extent.

If we stress about things we can’t deal with, it is obvious that we will never find a way out.

Don’t be anxious about the consequences. They are beyond your control. Live in the present while you can. And let it unravel the way you want. And you may never know, the present may lead you to the future you desire.