What is the best way to grow? With support or without?

When we have support, we put less strain into doing things. We don’t look over our shoulder waiting for obstacles to hit us. We don’t stay on guard because we don’t need to. We know we will be provided by our support

When we don’t have support, we persevere to get ourselves out of chaos. We take leaps and revolutionise the way other think. Though we put our basic survival at risk, we try to keep alive hope to gain better.

Surrounded by reinforced walls, we fail to even think about the cracks, less repair them.

When our world is crumbling we try to gather every last piece. That desperation either becomes despair or a motivation to keep looking for change.


There’s always a better choice. But sometimes looking for better can make things worse.

Accepting what you have is a healthy option. But it doesn’t mean you don’t a better plate.

At some point in life you have to trade-off. It’s up to you what you want to put up for trade.


It is easier to undermine the value of experience in face of insurmountable knowledge.

Reading and understanding your favourite book does give you knowledge about it, but the expertise needed to write such a book only comes with experience.

Experience doesn’t come as you age, it comes through exploration and experimentation.