Don’t blame anyone.

True change cannot be accomplished by labeling people, but only by removing those labels through effort.

Pain,shame and isolation are effective ways to bring crude change.For true change,change should come from within.

Greater good

A leader should prioritise the group over the individual.

Individual needs are difficult to fulfil or sometimes almost impossible to meet. But if we fulfil the demand of the group, it makes a fair balance for every group member.

Compromise for greater good leads to greater sense of happiness than selfish stubbornness ever will.


There some people who we can understand easily.And there are some people who are just too tough to be understood.The latter kind is the one we tend to ignore or dislike.But should we?

I believe that it is okay to have an opinion about everything and everyone.But only when you have thorough information as basis. Otherwise your own thoughts become an illusion to you.And then you end up becoming the one too tough to be understood,ignored or disliked.

Right fit

I feel it is better that people underestimate you rather than overestimate you.

Those who are underestimated are not dragged down by others.

Those who are underestimated are not pulled up either, but at least you can climb up on your own to make up for that.

To overestimate someone’s skill leads to inefficiency in work and wrong attitude, but to underestimate someone at least opens up space for improvement and development.

Shouldn’t we go for the right estimation? Well with so much subjectivity in human nature that is a pipe dream.

Power and Responsibility

When you are in a position of power, it is your responsibility rather than obligation to help others.

It doesn’t mean you are forced to help each person in every way, but because you have the power to bring change, to create a positive ripple effect, it shouldn’t remain underutilised.


There may be some people who laugh at you or complain about you, trying to drag you down when you’re reaching your peak of success.

Let them do that. Because that’s all weak can do. Just kick them in the face a bit while they’re pulling your leg.