Looking down on people who are weaker than you doesn’t make you strong.It will just give you a temporary feeling of superiority.

Honing your skills by competing against your rivals is what will actually make you strong.

Climate change

To push our planet’s beauty and fertility to the brink of extinction is a great show of power by humanity; but not necessarily the smartest move (’cause we live here,no?).I wonder when this power play will end.


Acknowledging differences between people is good.But discriminating is not.Discrimination shows up when we label those differences as superior or inferior.Everyone is different because one person can’t do everything.We fill in for each other where the other cannot.It is about teamwork.How can you discriminate against someone who’s on your team? 

You can’t drag someone down without lowering yourself below them.You can’t kick someone down from above without stopping at your own path of growth.If it’s their loss,then it is also you own.That’s what happens in a team.


One’s experience shouldn’t be judged on the basis of how complexly they think,but how simply they answer.

Explaining math through numbers vs real life events has a big difference.


Our senses help us to gather information and our reasons help us to find true knowledge.

Superstitions and misconceptions arise when people people accept the information gathered through senses as eternal truth without any reason.They just believe what they see or hear,but don’t reason with it.

A rational animal not using its rational faculty is the biggest flaw there is.It is like buying a product only to find that it is flawed at serving its primary purpose.