Brain II

In my recent post ‘brain’ I mentioned that a small plate tricks us into eating less food.

But it is only applicable to a certain types of food or under specific circumstances.

The following article explains another perspective:


Watching videos is better than reading and following instructions because not only it teaches you how to better do something with visual and audio cues (all senses engaged!) but also gives you confidence to do it with its power of human touch. (P.S. Bloopers remind us that it’s not just you or me,everyone sucks at something :p)


When you want to get the outside view of the other side of the window without moving from your place,just ask the person sitting there to use their camera and take a live shot for you to see.I usually do this on airplanes 🙂



Take things slow and easy.Success derived from strain is a neutral deal.You may think that the extra hard work is a credit to your bank account but it’s also a debit from your health account.If you earn some extra cash only to eat medicines for illnesses that could have been avoided earlier without being stressful,then what’s the point?

My thoughts

It’s pretty intuitive to think that when you write,you are just jotting down what you know and not learn anything new.

I think when you write,you get to learn more about yourself.

I think when you write,you critically think about certain ideas that you’d had forgotten otherwise.

I think you are changing the world every time you share what you write. For good or for bad,we don’t know.But it is being changed.By you.

Words that are spoken fly away and get lost,but what you write stays right here.

Prolong life

We all have a lifespan.And a few of us would really like to extend that.Using life elixir or what not.

Until you come up with a magical solution,just eat healthy (and moderately) and exercise (again moderately),okay? That will extend your life automatically.

Also for some,doing this will not guarantee to cure all your health conditions,but at the very least it will provide you with more control over your body.


Your body is your first home.And just like any other home,you need to constantly and consistently take care of it.But HOW you take care of it also matters.

You can bring in as many things as you want to,as long as you use them.You bring in sugary sweet stuff,use it.You bring in energetic carbs,use it.You bring in body building suppliers protein,use it.Because the stuff you won’t use will just take up your personal space and collect dust.You will forget about it and eventually one day,when you’ll need that space for something useful,you’ll be forced into cleansing.That won’t be pretty.

I am not asking you to give up bacon and eggs.I am just telling that whatever consume, consume in moderation.And if you can’t,at least show those freeloaders the way out of the house before they take it away from you.