There are two ways to make change possible – in both cases you need to become ‘big’ relative to the task.

Either you grow your knowledge and skill – become an expert at doing something.

Or you shrink the challenge – you divide your goal into smaller individual attainable actions.

Either way,you become more daunting than the task itself.Do not fear the task.Let the task dread you and follow your way instead.

Once you become capable or believe that you have become capable – your chances of succeeding increase significantly.


Motivation can be a consequence of good planning rather than intense emotion.It is the difference between ‘work smart’ and ‘work hard’ respectively.

When your motivation is dependent on your emotion,and as we know our emotions are never constant,sometimes we get either a fleeting moment or short-term motivation boost,or else a severe blow due to negative or overwhelming emotion.

When you plan out your agenda,you have with you a long-term,step-by-step procedure to follow.With every step you take,you reinforce a positive feedback loop of motivation – you undertake a simple task,you attain some success and that motivates you to move onto the next step.

Emotions and feelings are exhaustible resource.Even the right feeling is hard to come by when you are about to start working on a new goal.They are good enough to help you out in short-run,but in the long-run,planning plays a better role.

Planning is a mix of various objective tasks.It allows you to experience a mental reward every-time you complete a step.It is like leveling-up in a game when you complete a certain number of quests.

Being completely objective can result in lack of commitment,and being completely subjective can result in lack of consistency.You need both in moderation together to overcome the odds and obstacles hindering your progress.

Brain II

In my recent post ‘brain’ I mentioned that a small plate tricks us into eating less food.

But it is only applicable to a certain types of food or under specific circumstances.

The following article explains another perspective:


Watching videos is better than reading and following instructions because not only it teaches you how to better do something with visual and audio cues (all senses engaged!) but also gives you confidence to do it with its power of human touch. (P.S. Bloopers remind us that it’s not just you or me,everyone sucks at something :p)


When you want to get the outside view of the other side of the window without moving from your place,just ask the person sitting there to use their camera and take a live shot for you to see.I usually do this on airplanes 🙂