My first Sunshine Blogger Award! Thanks for this honor! I will cherish it 🙂

The Rules

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  3. Answer the questions.
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Q & A

Q. It’s more of a task than a question. Write a four line (poem/prose) on ‘Naked Truth’.

A: “Naked Truth” is the one who is naked,but it leaves the person feeling vulnerable and embarrassed.They are hardcore facts without a speck of embellishment.They evoke sentiment but are not so sentimental themselves.They are truly a double-edged sword.

Q. What is the most important aspect of being a blogger?

A: To be able to express my opinion.

Q. What tickles your fancy?

A: Knowledge that I don’t possess.

Q. How many hours do you spend with yourself in a day?

A: Consciously 16 hours and Unconsciously 8 hours (sleep).

Q. What would you prefer, beach vacation or a trip to the mountains?

A: Trip to the mountains.

Q. What is your biggest fear?

A: That I cannot do everything.

Q. Who is your favorite celebrity?

A: I only like fictional characters.

Q. What is your biggest screw up in the kitchen?

A: Experimenting with vegetables I don’t like and making them taste even worse.

Q. What movie can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of?

A: None as such (not a movie name).

Q. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

A. A few quotes which I don’t remember right now.

Q. What scientific discovery would change the course of humanity overnight if it was discovered?

A. Artificial Intelligence.


I am tweaking the last two rules here.I nominating EVERYONE who is reading this post right now to answer my 11 questions in the comments.After all,the readers here are themselves creative bloggers or have the potential to be so.Whether you want to post this award on your website is up to you.


Q.If you could choose another name for yourself,what would it be?

Q.Which ‘thing’ in the world you believe is too underrated or underestimated?

Q.If you got the chance to name our planet,what would it be?

Q.Which superpower would you like to possess?

Q.What is the one thing you want to change in you AND What is the one thing you want to keep the same about you?

Q.Who is your ‘real sunshine’ in the world?

Q.Which electronic gadget do you use the most?

Q.What is your favorite weather?

Q.If you had to start a company,what it would be about?

Q.What do you dislike the most?

Q.Are you supposed to be doing something else right now? If yes,then what?


Your body experiences stress because it is not ready to face something.Change your readiness.When you experience stress symptoms pinpoint it to its source.Once you know the source,you know the cause and when you know the cause,you can be prepared for it.This is prevention.When you eat medicines to suppress your stress symptoms it’s effective,but when is it effective? After you have already experienced the symptoms.Waiting to be treated after suffering doesn’t make sense.You need prevention.It is vital.And prevention comes from readiness.Physical and mental.


Happiness for me is an open garden with beautiful flowers.Flowers do fade away or get crushed though.That’s the inevitability of life and one must be prepared for it.If you want to sustain your beautiful garden – you will have to protect it and tend to it.You will have to face a lot of threats,get some wounds in the process and feel the pain for your dream.The more of it you feel,will either make you more determined to protect something precious to you or force you to give up and watch in terror as you lose everything.If you want peace of mind you will have to tend to your thoughts and behaviour and ward off any stressors out of the way.You can’t remain ignorant and happy at the same time.This may be your reality but certainly not your full world.


There’s a big difference between ‘only representation’ and ‘valid representation’.We see a diversity of people from different country,race,caste,religion,color,gender,class and so on doing a variety jobs nowadays without any restriction and discrimination.But they are getting representation not recognition under the pretext that it is to promote diversity in job culture rather than help them show off their skills.This implicit form of discrimination is difficult to criticize because it is difficult to recognize.In early days we had more of an explicit form of discrimination which was easy for everyone to see and criticize.This hidden discrimination is a potential form of overt discrimination.We need to stop it while we can or we will be back to the square one.


Censorship is a very gray area.Should it be done or not? How much of it should be done? My take is that we shouldn’t suppress the creative freedom of others whether good or bad.One can only be shown good things their whole life but they wouldn’t be doing that out of choice.What if a bad choice is given? Would they take it? Would they understand whether it is actually bad or good? When we expose people to both sides of the spectrum we make them understand what is the spectrum about and why it’s important.So in order to know what’s good,a person should know what’s bad.We should not only teach them the good manners to inculcate in one’s life but also bad habits to avoid.You can’t prevent bad things from happening unless the person is told what is bad.Not telling them about this will just make them furious and curious since an aspect of their freedom is being taken away waiting to be explored.

Censorship is valid in some contexts.For instance,there are shows full of violent content,right? We are just shown the show and it’s morality is left up to us to decide.Freedom at its full capacity.But what if a person or a child is incapable of making that decision and thinks about experimenting it out? Someone’s freedom will be taken away.The content is just a part of the trigger.The other part is our will to act.Both of these come together to form a whole trigger.So either we censor the content or spread moral awareness to disable the trigger.And the former is easier to do that’s why it feels so right – like teaching someone is tougher than not teaching them at all.So censorship may keep peace in the society but only a temporary one.It is not the final answer.

People don’t hate censorship of a particular content per se (maybe they do),what they hate is the censorship of freedom to create,explore and spread creativity.I may or may not like shows based on violence but I won’t tolerate my freedom being taken away due to that,that is,through censorship.And censorship becomes more controversial when some people have more freedom than the others,like people in the government having more freedom & power to make moral decisions than me,for me.I should have made that decision because it doesn’t require any external force but someone else made it for me and that’s a threat to my freedom.But they are my representatives so why object? They represent my views after all.Well,I voted for them to make decisions for me that I am incapable of making myself – maybe taking care of plumbing system in the city? But I am very well capable of making a moral decision on my own without a representative.In that case,I am the main representative of me.So censorship is a pretty effective solution in short term but it is incapable of dealing with the dynamics of the world forever,especially the dynamics of mind and behavior of humans.


Internet is shifting people from the reality of democracy to the fantasies of authoritarianism.We are getting used to being surrounded by a particular view internally and externally without batting an eye to the alternatives.Change is difficult.Change in mind,body,environment,social network and so on to adapt to a new view.Very exhausting.What we don’t realize that this exhaustion is a price to pay for awareness.Surrounding ourselves with things we like,follow & prefer is not a bad thing but we need to recognise that those are not the ONLY things in the world.What feels right for me may not feel right for someone else but they must have a reason to believe it in the first place.We don’t dig deeper into something we don’t care about and hence don’t get to know why it’s significant.What is the stranger to me compared to a loved one? What is the stranger’s view to me compared to my view? Feeding our brains consciously and unconsciously with things we like manipulates us to turn a blind eye to other things and live in our own imagination.And while we do this our reality starts to crumble because we forget that everything is connected.Take out one brick and the whole castle will topple over.These intricacies are hard to notice but they build our society and we must acknowledge them all even if we don’t want to accept them completely.That’s what democracy is about.