Why you should put on your lab coat to experiment with truth

Neither ignore criticism nor accept it as your eternal reality. Permanent ignorance or acceptance of criticism means that you are unwilling to investigate and improve your present self.

What you must do is treat criticism as an opportunity to grow. You are being criticized because, either you are lacking in something or others are lacking in understanding you. By understanding this deficit within oneself and others, and correcting it, we build a harmonious relationship with oneself and those around us.

Next time anyone (or you) give a negative comment or opinion about anything, just dig into what’s causing it. Address the cause to address the problem.

For instance, if someone says to you ‘Hey, you’re really fat you know?! You got to eat less and exercise more! Have some restraint on yourself already!’ Instead of getting upset and angry, just calmly ask the person the reason behind their opinion. Find out yourself if it’s the truth from your own research. Then use your energy to create a positive change.

Positive change can mean a lot of different things, but in essence it means to replace a false belief with a right belief. If you find out you’re unhealthy fat, get to the cause of it. If you find out that your friend’s advice is based on false research, correct them with true research.

Negative change would just mean that you are driving yourself with negative emotions to run away, don’t do that. You’re too precious to be deserving of that. What you need to do is experiment with knowledge to get to the source of truth. Knowledge is toxic and misleading if it’s not based on reality.

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