Anyone can learn anything. The point of specialising in a field (apart from getting a job and what not) is to develop a keen eye for detail. Detail that a lay person would miss or misunderstand.

That’s where your experience comes in. Practice to the point of near-perfection to know what you have dedicated yourself to and why it’s worth it.


I want to live my life in the most possible unconventional way. No scripts. Changing and adapting, then changing again, to experience the purity of every diverse choice out there.

Living unconventionally doesn’t guarantee happiness or success. Things could become better, or even worse. It’s a risky venture.

But hey, you only live once. I’d rather risk it for maximum crazy experience.


Expertise is about maintaining flexibility. If you focus too much on the details, you miss the big picture. If you focus too much on the big picture, you fail to notice the details that compose it.

With flexibility, you see the same topic with different perspectives.